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Our Expertise


The Oxypeel Medical Aesthetics range uses oxygen delivery and biological exfoliation to treat a range of skin conditions, including active acne, scarring, pigmentation and rosacea.

Post Procedure

With the increase in aesthetic treatments and soft surgery, patients are keen to minimise downtime. Youki Post Procedure products can be used after plasma, skin needling and resurfacing treatments; Omni Ol reduces swelling after injectables and threads,


Intelligent formulations deliver visible results with no downtime. We address and reset your skin back to normal rather than masking issues, such as oily or dry skin.

Pain Management

The symptoms of joint and muscular pain can be alleviated with Omni Oil. It’s unique formulation can give relief to sufferers of arthritis and other joint pains, as well as for soft tissue and sports injuries.

Wound Healing

Clinogen goes one step beyond wound management. Youki Bio-Cell Spray and Youki Skin Repair Cream provide a full solution to the treat and heal all types of wounds, including leg ulcers, pressure sores and diabetic foot.

Hair Removal

We have created solutions for treating hormonal hair, using sound energy, and peach fuzz, using a high pH formulation. Both methods aim to reduce and eradicate unwanted hair.

Where Innovation Begins…..

Our heritage

Clinogen was established in 1979 by medical scientist Sujata Jolly and her husband Parmod – an epidemiologist. Since then, the company has been on the cutting edge of developments in healthcare and skin care.

As experts in aesthetic medicine, hair removal and wound healing, we can claim several firsts, including the use of oxygen for treating skin problmes, harnessing sound energy for hair removal, and the creation of the concept of dry wound healing using a spray on dressing.

Our philosophy

Our overriding philosophy when formulating and developing products is to make protocols simple to follow.

We do not believe in over-engineering our product ranges; we place greater emphasis on assuring their efficacy and simplicity for both professionals and clients.

Our Mission

To find solutions by challenging conventional theories and practices

How To Find Us

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.

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